50-Foot 12/3 Black Outdoor Multi Outlet Extension Cord 5 Water Resistant Covered Outlets Milspec Direct CECOMINOD074121

CA $164.03
  • Our patented 12/3 STW power distribution cords with 15A-125V outlets spaced every 10 feet.Our patented 12/3 STW power distribution cords with 15A-125V outlets spaced every 10 feet.
  • Pro Cap covers keeps dust, dirt and moisture out of the connectors when not in use.
  • Clear 15A-125V plug with an embedded power check light.
  • Type "STW" thermo vinyl cold weather jacket guarantees the cord will remain flexible and not crack in temperatures well below freezing.
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Lay them on the floor, hang'em from the posts. These are 's new patented heavy duty 12/3 STW 600V extension cords with Pro Cap outlets spaced at 10' intervals to allow multiple portable tool uses along the length of the cord. The individual Pro Cap outlet covers keep out dust, dirt and moisture. •Each heavy-duty cord comes molded with our lighted, transparent Pro Cap multi-outlet connectors and our ring sealed male plug. •Features of our unique lighted Pro Cap cord include: ˦Converts a single outlet extension cord into three (3) standard 1A-12V grounded outlets at ft. intervals on a 2 Ft. cord and five () outlets at 10 ft. intervals on a 0 Ft. cord. ˦Clear neon lighted connectors indicates that there is power in the circuit. ˦Bright neon lamps are rated for 2,000 hours of usage. ˦Cap covers keep moisture, dirt and grime out of the outlets when not in use. ˦Pro Cap outlets when used with a Pro Cap male plug will form a water resistant, dust resistant, airtight connection. ˦Pro CapTM extension cords (plugs & connectors) will not pull apart from each other. This is due to an airtight suction induced seal at each connection that's created as the cords ends are plugged together.


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