9 Volt Battery Charger Smart 2 Bay for 9V Li-ion Ni-MH LiFePO4 Rechargeable Batteries Soshine SOV1

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  • Independent charging channels,charge 1 or 2pcs of 9 Volt rechargeable battery (100-652mAh) at a time.
  • Mix charger,suitable for 7.4v Li-ion/8.4v Ni-MH /9.6v LiFePO4 rechargeable battery.
  • Input AC90-260v,Build-in protection curcuit,Auto cut-off when full charging,Short circuit or Overcurrent.
  • Smart 9v battery charger,Automatic detect voltage,2 LED Indicate charging status.
  • Rapid charging,Charging output: 200mA,Finish Full Charging (about 1-4 Hours).
Guaranteed delivery in 24 hours!

Battery Charger 9V 2 Bay with 2 Pack 0mAh Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries for 9 Volt Li-ion Ni-MH LiFePO4

Word wild voltage AC90-20V
2 LED indicator
Fast 9V Charge(1-4 Hrs)
Charge 1-2pcs of 9v battery(100-0mAh)
Compact and protable
Mix charge,Auto cut-off
Built-in protection device
LED indicates:
*Turn off -----Stand by
*Red light-----Charging
*Green light-----Charger complete
*Red Green light-----Bad battery
Battery type:8.4V Ni-MH/7.4V Li-ion/9.V LiFePO4 9V Rechargeable
Input:AC 90-20VAC, 0/0Hz
Li-ion 8.4V 200mA*1 200mA*2
Ni-MH 9.8V 10mA*1 10mA*2 (7 cells)
LiFePO4 10.8V 10mA*1 10mA*2
Charger mode:CC / CV (Li-ion /LiFePO4 Battery)/DELTA V ( Ni-MH Battery)
Size(mm): L91x W1 x H2.mm
Weight :29g
Compatible with:
F22(9V)Li-ion Ni-MH LiFePO4 rechargeable battery
Do not disposed of in fire,disassemble,short circuit
Do not charger Alkaline or Carbon zinc batteries
Observe polarity
Only charger 9V Li-on / Ni-MH / LiFePO4 battery by the charger
Charger before use
Custom Package:
1 x Battery Charger
2x0mAh Li-ion Battery
1 x Power Cord(US)
Tips: 9V lithium-ion batteries in packaging , full charging voltage is 8.4V, please pay attention.


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