Fisher-Price Little People Take Turns Skyway [English] Fisher Price / Mattel Canada FHG51



CA $27.96
  • Over 3 feet with 3 different tracks—the tallest Wheelies track set ever!
  • The Take Turns Launcher releases one car at a time
  • Fill up & fix up stations and a spinning arrow along the way!
  • Exciting racing sounds and fun phrases about sharing, being patient & playing together
  • Includes 2 Wheelies vehicles
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At over 3 feet tall, the Fisher-Price Little People Take Turns Skyway is the tallest Wheelies racetrack ever! With three different tracks, an awesome launcher, cool racing sounds and phrases, and pretend play stops along the way, this track set is loaded with awesome racing fun for toddlers to discover and share. Little things that make a big difference - Taking Turns: As kids share the tracks, sending vehicles zooming down and around, they see that taking turns means more fun for everyone! Imaginative Play: With easy-to-grasp vehicles and pretend play stops like a gas & repair station, toddlers can use their imaginations to create stories as they play. Fine Motor: Little hands get a big workout as they grasp the vehicles and send them zooming down the tracks.


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September 2, 2018
Ok, I'll admit it, I didn't watch the video or follow much of the instructions to put this together and it took me nearly an hour although I don't see it being done much sooner as all the parts are marked with matching numbers (read the instructions to save some hassle). There's at least 20 screws that need installing and you'll need a philips screw driver. Batteries aren't included so you'll also need two AA's.

This race track is really impressive. If you put it together before giving it to the gifted it will blow their socks off. It stands higher than my waist (I'm 5'4). It's very colourful and has lots of fun sounds. There's two cars included which have (non-removable) little people at the wheel, a boy and a girl. To start the race you pull the green lever to change the lights from red to green, this also starts the sounds. The cars bellow down the track one at a time although you can send them down very quickly in tandem. There's lots of tight turns to whip around. There's a couple gates that change your path and there's 3 possible exits one of which is an air jump. If you travel under the arrow it will nearly spin; lots of fun. The cars whiz out of this race track and onto the floor. They ended up under the couch a few times so be careful where you place the track.

This was actually tons of fun to play with. Lots of squeals and laughs to be had. After spending so much time assembling it, I think it was well worth it but I wouldn't want any kids around while putting it together and adding to the frustration so, as I said, it's probably best to put it together the night before.
September 3, 2018
Yes people, as a toy that builds out to be over 3 ft tall, you're definitely going to spend about 20 mins putting everything together, it's similar to those hot wheel sets you'd buy older children. However, once your past that, there are a few things I'd like to say about engagement, quality, and overall value.

For the kids who've played with this set, who were about 4-5 years each, this proved to be a TIME SINK. It's definitely a very entertaining set to have, especially for the boys, and the great part is you can add onto the set by buying other cars and accessories to keep their attention on it. Entertainment-wise, this was definitely the first toy I've seen kids have so much fun playing with!

For the adults, I can confirm it's Fisher Price quality through and through. You won't find sharp edges, the pieces are durable and well-formed, and plastic isn't that cheap kind that off-gases like crazy. You'll enjoy this set, whether it's the kids playing with it in their room or in the living room. I should say it's a bit noisy with the cars and little flappers and all, but it's otherwise and excellent setup. Overall value is great here, and I highly this toy set if you can stomach the price.
Tom Wade
September 17, 2018
Man this thing was a pain to put together. The directions are laid out a little strange and there are a ton of screws to hold the tracks in place. When putting it together, make sure you pay close attention to the instructions as its easy to screw something in from the wrong side. It seems like it fits, but you may not realize that its actually backwards until you go to put in the next piece. The pieces are all very similar looking, and while numbered, you can still grab the wrong one occasionally (i.e. do you need the 21 and 22 piece, or the 21 and 20 piece). You need to be careful to grab the correct piece, and then make sure its screwed in the correct spot. A magnetic screwdriver (phillips) will be your friend for assembling. If it feels like a screw is really hard to get in place, double check that you have it going through the correct direction, as I made that mistake a time or two.

After assembly it works quite well with all the little people cars I've put through it so far. The multiple exits make it a great playtoy for young kids as they try to figure out which exit the car will come out of and piece together how it made it there.

The quality on the toy seems great. While tall, it seemed quite stable. It feels like a proper little people toy where it won't break on you in a month or two, it feels like one that will stand the test of time.

Batteries are not included, but are not necessary for use unless you want the sounds with it. If you just want it as a track, you can use it without any batteries just fine. The sounds do make it a bit more exiting, and its 2 AA batteries so not a huge investment. It does make the starting of the cars down the track a bit more exciting for the kids.

Overall a great toy once you actually have it assembled. Getting there can be frustrating, but I think the payoff is worth it.

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