IGERESS Indoor Air Quality Monitor Detector Accurate Testing Formaldehyde (HCHO) TVOC PM2.5 PM1.0 PM10 Air Quality Pollution with Temperature Humidity Real Time Recording Data Logger Monitor for Home VSON

CA $111.99
  • Multifunctional and upgraded: This upgraded air quality detector accurately testing air quality of formaldehyde (hcho), tvoc, pm2.5, pm1.0, pm10, temperature and humidity, to ensure the health of your family in all domains, real time testing with data record and analyzed with chart indicate, hazard level with time display!
  • Portable: It's easy to carry the intelligent air quality monitor that can help detects air quality level at home in kitchen, bedroom and etc. Or in office, in the car, travel, camping and party, etc. Test the air quality anytime anywhere to be away from harmful of tvoc, hcho, small particles pm2.5/1.0/10.
  • New design and mold: Newest unique mold and design with 10 function buttons make the testing more accurate and usefu! Built in high-capacity lithium battery with long stand by time, can be charged via usb cable, large lcd screen with english interface easy and clear to read!
  • Defend health: Built-in a calculator as a reference for remove hcho and haze, an ideal multifunction testing tool to monitor the air quality with 6 levels to indicate the hcho/pm2.5 pollution level, a safeguard for family health. If exceed standard, alarm prompt.
  • Easy to operate: Do calibration well on initial use, otherwise, data may be inaccurate. Easy to calibrate it with pressing c button.
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November 7, 2018
I purchased this machine not for fun but because I have a medical condition. Besides being noisy, it is annoying to use. When I turn it on it says to place in clean air for 3 minutes to reset. I don't always have access to clean air. The readings don't always match up with my other monitor so it's hard to know when it's readings are accurate. I asked for help from the seller and got back confusing instructions I didn't understand. Very dissapointed.
Tim Greening
October 3, 2018
Little hard to understand at first but after a bit I figured it out.

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