mophie powerstation 4000 Universal External Battery - Black 2032_JPU_PWRSTION-G

CA $13.30
  • Special high out battery that allows for fast charging
  • Capable of switching between 500mah, 1a, and 2.1a Charge
  • Ability to charge virtually any USB device in the world
  • Charges apple, android, blackberry and other devices
  • Sleek, black soft-touch finish with stainless steel outer band
Guaranteed delivery in 24 hours!

Powerstation 4000 quick charge external battery for iPhone, iPod and iPad (4000mah).


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March 2, 2018
I purchased two of these for my parents, and they arrived basically DOA. When plugged in to charge the battery, the LEDs would light. However, when plugged in to charge a device, the powerstations would not supply any power to the devices and would not show any LEDs. Mophie online support was excellent, and told me that my serial numbers were 5 years old (!) Lithium batteries do not react well to being unused for that long.

I am replacing these units with a newer model.
Mark Paul Jackson
June 7, 2017
Item that I received was incomplete. Even when I provided missing item it just did not work at all. Terrible item leaving me feel ripped off
March 2, 2018
Item did not work.
October 15, 2018
The two I ordered came and I charged them or they looked charged as soon as the plug was removed the lights went dead. They returned my money with no hassle. I had previously bought my kids two a few years ago and I love them, very reliable so maybe just a bad batch??

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