Paraffin Milk & Honey Moisturizing Peel Off Foot Wax Mask Hydrating Exfoliating Nourish Whitening Hand & Foot Mask Skin Care 110g Petit Tourbillon

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  • Milk & Honey Wax Mask - Natural milk and honey ingredients, Exfoliating Scrub, Whitening and Moisturizing.
  • Hyaluronic Acid - With the use of nutrients, promote nutrient absorption, to achieve more ideal effect. Flowable Liquid - Soft and delicate texture, easily absorbed when apply evenly.
  • Peeling Mask - Peel Off Foot Wax Mask, simple to use.
  • No triclosan, no paraben, no benzophenone, no sulfate, no artificial pigment, no artificial , natural ingredients are gentle and safe to skin.
  • Usage: After cleaning the hands or feet, take the appropriate amount of product in the hand or the instep, evenly applied to a thin layer. Gently peel off the edge of the wax layer for 15 to 20 minutes later, rinse with clear water. Using 3-5 times are recommended. Apply cream to care skin have a better effect.
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Why to choose Milk Honey Foot Mask?
First advantage: Deeply cleanse and whiten-more effectively than ordinary foot products.
Second advantage: Secret to Moisturize and Whitening.
Third advantage: Fashionable and convenient.Just one applying and one peeling off.
Efficacy: Remove cutin, smooth barbed, dilute fine lines. Durable moisturizing, deep nourishing foot skin, improve foot skin roughness.
Suitable skin quality: all skin
After cleaning the foot, apply proper amount evenly to the foots,the thickness is about 1mm.
After 20 minutes, the foot wax is completely covered and then removed.
Item type: Milk & Honey Wax Mask
Application: Foot
Type: Peeling Mask
Product color: Yellow
Net content: 110g
Packing: Bottled
Ingredients: Milk & Honey
Function: Exfoliator/Moisturizing/Whitening/Nourish
Package: 1 * Wax Mask


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