Portable Power Banks for Phone 10000mA Cute Mini Charging Mobile Phone Power Supply External Cell Phone Battery Packs Shengruhua

Color Name:Blue

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  • You deserve to have the best-10000 mA high capacity supports 2.4 double fast charging, longer endurance. A smaller, more solid power is a good companion for your mobile phone.
  • You deserve to have the best-A variety of digital products can be fully adapted. Trickle charge conversion rate is high without hurting cell phones.
  • You deserve to have the best-Number of USB ports: 2 Size: 13cm*8.1cm*3cm
  • You deserve to have the best-Battery capacity: 10400mA Color: gray, white and blue.
  • You deserve to have the best-Conversion rate: 85% weight:200g
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1.10000 mA high capacity supports 2.4 double fast charging, longer endurance. 
2.A smaller, more solid power is a good companion for your mobile phone. 
3.A variety of digital products can be fully adapted. 
4.Trickle charge conversion rate is high without hurting cell phones. 
Type of electric core: 18650
Case material: plastic
Number of USB ports: 2
Size: 13cm*8.1cm*3cm
Battery capacity: 10400mA
Color: gray, white and blue.
Conversion rate: 85%
Packing List:
1x Portable source


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